Many hostile and turbulent processes require and would benefit from in-situ measurements. ASPI, a Scottish based SME, has designed a unique patented In-process Liquid Sampler (ILS) that provides a stabilised process sample which can be analysed in many different ways.
Designed to reduce complexity, avoid the issues of ambient control and negate the requirement and cost for display units, the ILS is an affordable analyser that can be integrated into your existing instrument infrastructure.
The ILS has applications in Biological Wastewater treatment analysis, Oil and Gas, Distilling and Brewing and in other aqueous processes where in-situ analysis is beneficial

Activated Sludge Analysis

Biological Wastewater Treatment plants are the first application for the ILS, providing suspended solids analysis, such as MLSS, SSL, SVI and supernatant clarity as well as bacterial performance measured by their aeration demand. This minimises operator time to perform routine testing and gives plant managers the opportunity to improve their optimisation of their plants energy consumption, at an affordable cost.

Suspended Solids Settlement Analysis

The ILS sampling technique is also being applied to Environmental Monitoring, Oil & Gas fractional analysis, distilling and other aqueous processes in a desktop standalone unit. Just insert the sample and leave for an automated result.